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Ion Body Armour Bracelet

Benefits may include: Increased Energy,Focus and balance.

Promotion of Restful Sleep

Enhanced Flexibility

Improve strength and Stamina

Overall feeling of Good Health and Wellbeing.

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£ 20.00

£ 20.00 per 1



The role of Negative Ions on our overall health: As 

Extracted from Salimara Nature and science.

Many studies of the relationship between the negative Ion and our health made by professional researchers prove that our health is dependent on the amount and quality of Ions in the air.  The human body consists of billions of cells, and each cell is enclosed by a cell membrane. This cell membrane performs many important roles, and one of these is to absorb nutrients and eliminate waste material. The function of the entire cell (including the cell membrane) can be normalized, if there are enough negative Ions within and outside the cell.

How Negative Ions keep us healthy:

Negative Ions enhance our immune system. When the amount of negative Ions increase, the Gamma Globulin in the blood increases resulting in blood rich in protein and antibodies. Negative Ions purify blood cells. According to Dr. Tanaka in Japan, when - Ionization is introduced, the Ions in calcium and natrium (common salt) in the blood increases, and the blood is purified by increased blood alkalinity.


"Delighted with my band can honestly say I had no pain in my shoulder when moving in bed last night, I only got the band yesterday at the Scottish Game Fair. Best night sleep I have had in ages, so glad we decided to buy them. Many thanks. - Elizabeth Reive 5.7.15

"very pleased no pain in my back" - Mark Bulle 6.7.15

I bought a wrist band at the Cheshire show after walking round with my crutches,  OMG...within 10 minutes I didn't need the crutch the pain was just a dull ache and the limp had gone. I saw a friends and told her about ION and she went and bought a wristband too..she was amazed at how quickly her painful shoulders recovered. .CAN'T RECOMMEND HIGHLY ENOUGH THEY ARE FANTASTIC. 27.6.15 Pauline Boardman - Facebook Comment 

I've been wearing one of these for nearly two years my daughter saw this demonstration. I swear by the band.  I have Ménière's disease and I haven't had bad dizzys since wearing this band. It certainly helps. 8.3.15 Christine Lovick

After seeing this stand today in Edinburgh today I was curious, so I asked for a demo, best thing I had ever seen. I suffer from mild cerebral palsy, I do have a bad waddle and my balance is very bad, so if someone bumps into me then i'll trip up. So the very nice and helpful guy offered a demo and asked me to stand on 1 leg which my answer was "oh I have really bad balance" so he tried it and yes I lost my balance, he tried it again and hey presto my balance was a lot better. It was like magic. Best £20 ever. I have since been on my feet for 5 hours and would jsve tripped up so many times that. I couldn't count and I have only tripped up once. MAGIC. Claire Black 7.3.15 

When i first heard about ion body armour i was a bit sceptical, like most! But got one for my mum who has been a poor sleeper for many years now, various sleeping tablets have been tried and tested, with little effect! So anything was worth a try! 
Since wearing her ion body armour wristband, she is getting a full nights sleep each night and has completely stopped taking any sleeping tablets! Not only this but she feels well rested and more focused throughout the day... It is amazing!! 
Cannot recommend this product enough:-) 7.1.15 - Rachael Leslie - Ireland 

Oliver my 6 year old son has spastic diplegia cerebral palsy and in July this year had surgery in the USA to help enable him to walk for the first time in his life. Oliver is 5mths into his intensive rehab programme and is almost two months into wearing his bracelet. We have noticed great improvements in his balance and endurance.. Since beginning to wear his bracelet he has gone from walking with a Kaye frame to walking with two tri pod sticks which takes a huge amount of concentration and balance!! We would definitely recommend this product.. And Oliver loves wearing it too as apparently it looks cool!! C Dickey 7.12.14

I have a 11 yr old dog with arthritis . I have found since wearing his little bone on his collar  his balance is better he can manage the stairs  like he use to,  I am very pleased with the product. I have a wrist band myself and have found a difference my headaches are less severe. C McIntyre -27.11.14

I recently purchased a band for Grandmother, aged 70. She is very fit for her age but has suffered from arthritis since aged 17. It mostly affects her wrist and hand, her hand her been numb for over 10 years - she now has feeling in her left hand. Also, she has recently started walking with a limp (she walks around 10 miles a day, so a problem for her), the limp has now almost completely disappeared! A number of her friends have noticed her walking has improved so will also be ordering this product. For the first time in years, my Gran has not been on any daily pain medication. She has now not taken any Tramadol for over 3 weeks! Everyone has their own opinions, but this product works, fact! To her, it's a miracle! Nicole Kirk 17.10.14

Loving the bands, were delighted with our purchase. Still amazed at the demo.  21.9.14 

Bought one on Friday (now Sunday) I have suffered from shoulder impingement and frozen shoulder for over a year and could barely move my whole arm (and what I could move it was painful).. And now I have a lot more movement and not nearly as painful! And I have gotten 2 amazing nights sleep!!! Brilliant things and would recommend them to everyone! 20.7.14 Heather Allan

Me and my partner saw this at the Highland games and thought we'd have a look. My partner has shoulder impingement and is waiting an operation, she's had this problem for a year now and as soon as she put the band on she was able to move her shoulder behind her which she's never been able to do and was able to move her whole arm in different directions with less pain then she's ever had. I don't sleep properly, wake up three to four times a night and last night I had the best night sleep ever, never woke up in the night and didn't move a muscle. We both would highly recommend these bands and will be buying new ones when ours run out. Such a fantastic item. Thanks guys so much!!!! 19.7.14 Eloise Redford

"I was having trouble with pain in both shoulders and was given exercises to try and relieve it. I needed painkillers each day and night until I started wearing the ion bracelet I bought at the Gardening Scotland show 2 weeks ago. Since wearing the bracelet I have not needed to take pain killers and am pleased to say it is a relief to be free from constant pain. I can only put the change down to the bracelet.   E. Stillie 15.6.14

Having bought an ION Body Armour wrist band I have felt an amazing difference in myself. I suffer from Asthma sinus problems and arthritis amongst other things that go along with life. I also don\'t sleep well. In the short time I have worn it (3 weeks) I have worked 5 x 12 hour shifts in 7 days and although tired as expected not exhausted as is normal for me also what sleep I do get is far more restful therefore benificial.  I don't seem to be in so much pain or as breathless as I usually am either.  When I first heard of ION I
thought it was just another gimmick but after researching it,  I decided to give it a try and am I GLAD I did. Thanks to salesman in Silverburn for doing the balance test, that was what made me make my final decision.  Recommending to my colleagues - M MacKay 31.3.14

I have MS and therefore suffer balance problems, since using ION my balance has improved which has helped me back to horse-riding, a sport I have done since a small child. My sleep patterns have also the improved. I cannot thank your Silverburn salesman enough. 27.3.14 - L Alcorn 

Hi I've been using ION Body Armour  wristband for 4 months now and it's helped with my spondilosis in my spine and I do feel more energised esp at this time of year. I own a busy riding school/ livery yard and th e work is very hard in the winter and I def feel better this year. F Aborida - 26.3.14

Carrie McLean age 15. She's currently the World under 25 ladies Indoor Bowls Champion! And for the second year running is also the Scottish Under 25 ladies Indoor Bowls Champion!! She is the youngest person ever to have won these Titles! She's also an Under 18 and Under 25 Internationalist! 
We as a family all wear your Band's faithfully everyday and Carrie swears by them! she alway's makes sure she's wearing her Band whenever she plays,  rest assured the Band will be the first thing on her check list!  - A McLean 18.3.14

While in Loch Lommond I bought 2 wristbands & one dog tag. One of the wrist bands was for my Aunt who couldn't pour a cup of tea from a teapot and had bad pains in her knee - the pain in her knee has now been reduced to a small ache, but almost immediately she picked up a teapot and was able to pour herself a cup of tea.
The other wrist band was for me for an ache in the lower back / buttock which was keeping me awake at night - it has almost gone, and never bothers me at all at night now.
People have said: "It's all in the mind" - well tell that to my dog, she has been on pain killers for six months with a bad left hind leg - she has never been good at climbing stairs - even getting over the door step, nor could she ever jump down from the settee. She was on the settee when I put the tag on, I left her there while I went upstairs to my computer, a few miniutes later she was scampering up the stairs - I could not believe it !! She has had no pain killers for 4 weeks now, and she is better than she has ever been on her legs - this was costing me £30 a month. Thank you. I have recomended you to other people, & I know at least 3 have been bought recently. Sue Sharpes 3.12.13

Bought an ION Body Armour band in silverburn shopping centre about 6 weeks ago thinking if it works great if it don't oh well looks good on the wrist.  I suffer from fibromyalgia and hoped it would help.
I've not taken any painkillers in the last two weeks AT ALL, Was taking up to 6 co-codamol 30/500 each day and was taking more frequently as symptoms getting worse.  Honestly haven't had any in 10-14 days and feel great.
So chuffed with this band and will continue to wear and see if I remain symptom free. - 23.11.13 Fiona Allardice. 

"I wanted to say what a great product ION Body Armour is. We purchased 2 at Lomond Shores in May/June. My son has Autistic Spectrum Disorder and co-ordination difficulties. He has been raving about the band and has worn it continually. He has said he can fall asleep and has a better quality of sleep (very rare before the band). He has felt less tired and has better balance, less falls. He has shown a more positive attitude. His younger sister has always suffered with headaches and has had none since wearing the band. She has better concentration and sleeps soundly. She wakens for school much easier.
I was sceptical but willing to try if the testimonials where to go by. My son has been boosted by these, I cant but be positive about these. Thanks you so much. 17.11.13 - N Burns

Returned from Silverburn today and can only say that both my husband and myself are delighted at the relief from our aches and pains. Can't believe it happened so quickly ... My husband had continuous shoulder pain from a sporting injury.. For over ten years...Had attended doctor and physio was told his only choice was pain killers .. And he would " just have to live with it" 
My own problem was from a skiing injury from a fall which affected my shoulder ... Two years ago ...As well as having had Fibromyalgia for at least 12 years... We are not people who are easily convinced about these things....I have a BSc from The University of Glasgow but all we can say is this works. So our very genuine gratitude to Kevin at Silverburn for introducing us to ION Body Armour - 11.11.13 - Delia Burgess
Had mines just over a year now. It's amazing, I've always had to take anti-inflammatory tablets on and off for wrist and back pain as a result of old injuries, but since wearing the band I've had little pain and irritation. Was always sceptical about it till I forgot to put it on after a night out and my wrists began to hurt again, put the band on and was fine after a while! Brilliant.   I've got my dad wearing one as well, seems to be helping his joints too.  Thanks! Michelle Kenney - 9.10.13

 Hi, just to let you know we've bought two at silverburn today,  after wearing for five minutes, my sinusitis cleared up. 21.9.13

I purchased two wristbands for myself and my father.  I myself would be very wary of these type of products but thought id give them a go, I can honestly say that Ive been more than impressed with this product ! feeling generally more energetic and sleeping better than I ever have. M father had two heart attacks 3 years ago and has struggled with weight control as per medication so it has been a constant problem exercising without constant fatigue ! After wearing the wrist band we walked all day sat and sunday without any sign of fatigue or sore legs or feet !! Thanks - 9.9.13

I bought three wrist bands at the Worlds Pipe Band Championships and said that a couple of weeks after it I would be doing a hill walk up The Saddle etc (3,300ft) in Glenshiel. It has some very exposed knife edge ridges and wide stretch pitches up massive slabs. I said I'd wear the band and let you know how I got on.............I got on great! I'm 71 now, and haven't had the time to do any hill walking for a few years (though I do keep reasonably fit running.) I thought I'd be knackered at the end of the day (10.5 hours) but I was hardly tired at all, and not stiff the next day. We climbed pitches that other hardened scramblers bypassed and avoided. I'm sure the band helped, and I think it's also helped to give me more 'solid' sleep. I see that there are mixed reviews about the whole Ion concept - but I think I have certainly found it helpful and I'm keeping it on 24/7! 3.9.13 


I have used a band from you now for 4 months , and still with disbelief it has relieved my pain from frozen shoulder , I was unable to wear a watch,  I can again which is great as I have a large collection near 45. Going to get a band for a friend in England. - Couts 19.8.13


bought a wrist band yesterday at the World Pipe Band Championships at Glasgow Green. I broke my wrist a year ago and have nerve damage in my fingers due to this,  was contemplating taking pain killers yesterday when I came across the tent for ION Body Armour. My daughter and myself bought a band and within 10 mins we felt a difference and I never took the pain killers. As I write this I still havent taken any. So agreat big thank u 2 ION body armour xxx Sally Falconer 18.8.13

Bought a band yesterday at the world pipe championships, have to say a huge thanks, I have arthritis in my hands, which I am now not bothererd with the pain. Whether it is having the " placeibo" affect on me or not I don't know, but its working, so thanks.
Regard`s Debbie - 18.8.13

We met Kevin about 12 months ago in a swimming pool in Dubai, and , following one of his poolside demonstrations purchased a wrist band each.  We have all worn them continually since then, my wife and I are both teachers and haven’t come down with a winter cold as we normally do, but it is our son who is 19 years old and has Asperger’s Syndrome that has perhaps seen the most change. In this last 12 months he has completed a 3 year College Course successfully and has found himself a job working with animals. For him this is a very big deal, like most teenagers he knows best and up until this year was perfectly content to stay in his room 24/7 playing video games and watching telly. People with Asperger’s don’t generally make decisions easily, or accept change to their daily routine as he now has to do with his job, which he has found for himself with no help from Mum or Dad, and by all accounts he is going from strength to strength. He has also been able to control his temper more effectively, which has made life at home very much easier.  Now whether this down to wearing one of ION Body Armour's wristbands or not  I honestly can’t say, but what I can say is that since wearing one my son has turned himself around, made some serious life choices and got on with it, which before there was no indication of any long term plan at all.  Both my wife and I have noticed that we haven’t been ill this year, as anyone who works with kids will tell you is a very rare event!  So my advice would be if you are unsure about  claims, then give it a go – for the inexpensive price of a wrist band you really can’t lose, and you never know, you may notice some change yourself.  Trev Markland - 23.7.13

I visit an eighty year old man once a week. He is unsteady on his feet and uses walking aids, walking stick and tri-walker. Last week he told me that he had fallen and hurt his back. He seemed to be falling regularly recently. I lent him my ION Body Armour wristband for a week. He thought it was a little strange but decided to humour me and wear it. This Wednesday I went to visit him and he told me,' You are not getting it back it's been lucky for me!'. I asked him what he meant but he couldn't elaborate. Towards the end of the visit he got up out his chair and walked to the kitchen unaided, which was unusual. He then picked up what he was bringing to me and walked back, doing a little dance on the way! Well done ION. 12.7.13

Thanks ION and Golf Scotland. I am a self confessed sceptic on these type of things but I actually think I do feel a difference. A few aches and pains in the old body have gone !! Now a convert and wear it 24/7.  Alistair Tough 29.5.13

I have spinal and knee problems my balance was affected quite badly if someone pushed me I fell over since having my band that has improved greatly. I would be interested in the watches. Happy to recommend it to anyone excellent purchase!  Purchased it in Balloch! x Carol Peach - 9.5.13

My mum has had high blood pressure for over 20 years, and been attending the nurse/doctor for checkups in these 20 years to monitor her blood pressure. Since wearing the band her blood pressure is normal with medication. This has amazed her doctor as it has never been this low in the 20 years.  Many Thanks  - Michelle Dornan   - 18.4.13 

Love my band! Not had a bad nights sleep since I purchased it :-) L McMpherson 18.2.13 

Just got one on Sunday and feel the difference already. Syd Harris 11.2.13

I have been recommending it to everyone.  I got it last April to help with  severe tiredness & it worked like a dream. I have also just come through 6 months of Chemo and although I have no proof I swear my band helped me cope with the awful side effects of that. Compared to the other ladies that were going through the same thing. My district nurse was so impressed she even got herself one!  :)  I wouldn't be without it, a truly fab product!  Thanks again..Eileen.  4.2.13
So after a demonstration at work in Virgin Active in Glasgow a couple of weeks ago and through reading other testimonials i was instantly tempted towards the work of these bands! I ordered on for my mum who is typically on her feet all the time, working away and struggles with energy levels, sleeping and has recently been diagnosed with rhuematoid artheritis. I bought her it as its a small price to pay for the benefits the band could offer. She only got it on saturday through the post and is already feeling the effects of the band: he has had more energy since wearing the band and thats only after three days of wearing it. Not only that she loves its design and won't take it off!! Jonny Ritchie - 5.2.13

Hi, bought band at Silverburn at the start of December. I am sleeping much better and pain and stiffness in my fingers has dramatically improved. I am very impressed and delighted with the results, thank you for a fab product - Glenis Campbell - 25.1.13

 the band is working a treat....sleeping like a baby!!! Cheers - Rosemary Rafferty 20.1.13
To be honest didn't believe this band would do any good . But after a few days I was sleeping a lot better and had so much energy . So yeah this has worked for me :)  Andy Lawson - 19.1.13

 Hi there i got two bands in December , one for my husband and myself, it's helping my husband get a better sleep as he works night shift and since getting the band he has managed to come off the sleeping tablets he was taking to help him sleep during the day - Jane Letham 18.1.13

I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2009 and had a mastectomy, reconstruction, chemotherapy, radiotherapy and am now on medication for 5 years, and I suffer many side effects from all this treatment.  I've been wearing my ion band for four weeks now and I've got no pain in my fingers, and most of the numbness and nerve damage has gone from my arm and feet & legs!! Im sleeping much better than I have in the last couple of years, and Ive cut back all my painkillers. I also feel as though Ive got more energy.
Ive been telling everyone and been doing the test with them too, even in the pub after the bells lol, think they're all coming to silverburn.  I dont know how it works, but I know it has made a big difference to me and my quality of life ..... Thank you so much.  Fiona (combat cancer) xx 6.1.13

 just to say I got mine a couple of wks ago. Def been beneficial for me, I was skeptical about it but it seems to be working for me. I am sleeping better and I have multiple joint issues and there is def an improvement. I have had a particularly painful finger joint for quite some time which has gone completely since wearing it and I seem to have more energy! It's def worth a try in my opinion - Paula Galvin - 12.12.12

bought one at Lomond shores on Sunday,  Seems to be working with some back ache. My wife also seems to be finding benefits from wearing her band.  - 11.12.12

I would like to leave this testimonial that is long overdue. I got my first band about March last year after being recommended by workmates who had told me that the band eases pain and aids sleep.
I now never take the band off as having hurt my back years ago this MAGIC band has changed my life.
I now can get a good nights sleep and  have very little pain anymore and the only thing that has changed is the fact that I wear the band. I have recommended the band to numerous people who have all said that the band has helped them.
I can't recommended the ION band highly enough. Go on, give them a go!! - Peter Brown 15.11.12

just bought a wrist band from Silverburn and first thing I tried out when I got home was a proprioception exercise that my physio has had me doing following a leg injury which resulted in me having reduced proprioception. Basically this means your ability to cross your arms over your chest and raise one knee, so you're standing on one leg without wobbling, to make it harder close your eyes! I have great trouble doing this and normally wobble around all over the place (not a pretty site :) wearing the wrist band I can hold the pose no problem and can even close my eyes....for a few seconds, will work on that! Can't wait to show my physio! This will be great for Yoga and Tai Chi practice and for any sports such as golf where good balance is needed...might take up ballet now ;) Got this mainly for poor sleep so will update if improvement.  Also got some for grandchildren to protect them from the sea of WiFi in school and for daughters for long-haul flight to Thailand.  Will report back on any other benefits. I have a Himalayan Salt lamp at home which gives off lovely healthy -ve ions but a bit heavy to carry around (!) so it's great to find something that I can actually wear on my body. Brilliant.  I've no doubt I'll be returning for my ever-expanding family - Anne Close 8.11.12

Met the boys at the SECC Ski & Snowboard show a couple of weeks ago. I bought 2bands for myself and I am ❤loving❤ the benefits already!!  I suffer from a condition called Addisons which doesn't respond well to medication... But it certainly responds to these ion bands. My energy levels have increased, joint aches have weakened and my over all being is significantly improved!! 
Best £30 I've spent all year! Thanks so much boys...! (",) xxx - Becca Wyper 8.11.12

 Getting good sleeps now due to the ION BODY ARMOUR band, would like to thank the beautiful sales peron Bradley! The band can work with anything!.  Lewis McConnell 5.11.12

Got my ION band today; first that I had heard about them and can say that there is something positive going on in my body - Stewart Bogan 3.11.12

Loving the ion bracelet and using the Ionsoles too. - Bobby Petta - 3.11.12

Thanks to ION Bodyarmour for presenting my Autistic son with bracelet to help him - your kindness is very much appreciated. - Richard Russell 24.10.12

I love your bands.  They're great, I feel it during footbll sports & sleeping.  Love them - Bradley Travis - 23.10.12

Mega heel pian for about a year. Bought the heel insoles a week later hardly any pain. Lynn - Twitter - 13.10.12

I'm currently undergoing chemo for BC and I swear my 'side effects' are not as nearly as bad as the could be thanks to my Ion Body braclet. Was using it before chemo too...the difference it makes is just fab!! Thank you...xx Eileen Telfer - 12.10.12

I popped into Silverburn today and exchanged the band for one from your new colour range.
Many thanks for all your help and I would be grateful if you would extend my thanks to your representative at Silverburn, his assistance was first class. 29.9.12 - Stephen McEwan

Day 5 & still no headaches wearing my ION Body Armour.  Actually a miracle. #NewPerson #Happy - Linizi Waddell 26.9.12

Something unheard of happened to me last night!!! I slept for almost 10 hrs !!! Thanks to ION Body Armour. I'll be in sometime soon to buy several bands for people I have recommended. see you soon. x Claire Quinn - 24.9.12

Bought an ION Body Armour yesterday & have been feeling great ever since. - Alex Scrimgeour 20.9.12

Since wearing one of your I'm sleeping & feeling better than in a good wee while.  Lots of my work mates have them now & feel the benefits too. Jim Reid - 9.9.12

Since wearing my ION Body Armour band I've been sleeping like a log, would definitely recommend them - Leanne Lyle - 8.9.12

Zumba'd ma butt off last night and all day today !!! My new ion body armour band definitely helped big style! Heather Graham - 1.9.12

I was diagnosed with sever  carpal tunnel syndrome in both my wrist and which I am awaiting surgery. The symptoms which comes with this is: Numbness or tingling in the thumb and next two or three fingers of one or both hands *Numbness or tingling of the palm of the hand *Pain extending to the elbow *Pain in wrist or hand in one or both hands *Problems with fine finger movements (coordination) in one or both hands *Wasting away of the muscle under the thumb (in advanced or long-term cases *Weak grip or difficulty carrying bags (a common complaint) *Weakness in one or both hands.................Which in my case happens predominantly at night and there for has a huge effects on my sleep patterns. I have been prescribed 90mg of amitriptyline per night until which has given me some pain relief. I procured an ion body armour band after meeting with one of their reps and having a discussion about the product and my condition. On the first day and night of wearing this I did not take my medication and did not wake up at all that night with the usual pain and discomfort, I actually had one of the best night sleeps I have had in a long time. I have been wearing this none stop now and can truly say that I have had to problems with my on-going condition and would recommend this to anyone who suffers from similar discomfort’s. - Gordon Burns - - 24.8.12

Fantastic result. 6+ hrs sleep 2 nights in a row. Great improvement already. Amazing. I'll also let you know how my sister get on but I've not given her the band yet. Claire Quinn 19.8.12

Since I got my band I don't feel tired, been gettin a good sleep, would recommend this, thanks  - Danielle O'Neil 5.8.12


My thanks goes to Geraldine hi there hope you are doing plenty of balance demos today at Silverburn, as I said thanks again to you Geraldine and Collette after me investing in a band at Lomomnd Festival on Saturday, thank you ladies, best thing I did, what an improvement in my game of golf last night at The Carrick on Loch Lomond to the extent I had a hole in one on the 2nd hole. Hope to see you soon at Silverburn.  - Stephen Cordingley 3.8.12


Hi just wanted to say big thank you got my body armour braclet on fab stuff got my mum n dad and we girl one now i feel so much better been recovering from a oper on my spine i cant belive how i feel after a week thank u xx Donna Marie Douglas 2.8.12


This is Pat Graham, your neighbor in Florida. Hope all is well with you. Just wanted to let you know how much better I feel after wearing my Ion Body Armour band!! I have Fibromyalgia and have not had the shooting electric-like nerve pains like I used to get! Also, my body does not sweat like it has in the past..(I used to just walk across the room and break in a sweat!!LOL Not fun..) Say hi to your Mom and Dad and thank them again. I LOVE my Ion Body Armour band!!!  - Pat Graham - Florida 7.7.12


Thanks to Kevin and Bradley for donating a band for Brandon today. Brandon has Muscular Dystrophy and I have to say that his muscles feel more soft and supple, which is a very welcomed surprise! Much appreciated - Chris Govender. 1.7.12


I love my band and my dad bought one,yestetday and it seem s to have his sore hand its been felling a bit better he said - Hannah McIntyre - 1.7.12


Hi all, Well i just thought i would add my little bit since i have been wearing my band constantly for the past 6 weeks or so now.
I can't actually explain how it's doing it but i can feel a difference in how i seem to be much more calm and chilled than i have been for quite some time. Things that may have got me a bit wound up don't really seem to matter so much or have me flying off the handle. I would say it definitely has a calming influence on me personally.  Sleep-wise i have never had much of a problem in fact, i am quite the opposite but i would say that when i wake up, the quality of sleep has felt better.  All i can add to this is, so far so good and they do look pretty cool at the same time so thumbs up from me.  Thanks folks, Steven.  - Steven Wales - 25.6.12


gave my dad (79) one for fathers day n he foned tonight to tell me that he was out shopping today and wasn't nearly as sore as usual. he has arthritis - Joon Whitseide Holland  - 20.6.12


Blown away by the demo today!! Fired up with my negative ions and ready to smash the weekend =) - Stuart Kay 15.6.12


fantastic wee things,don't ken how they work but they do,av slept great,had nae migraines n nae pai fi ma arthritis . Av telt loads o folk aboot them - Joon Whiteside Holland - 14.6.12

Omg!! After purchasing 2 bands from the Retail Unit at Silverburn, I tried mine in the gym today. I did continuous like for like tests when lifting weights. I could lift heavier weights and hold isometric press ups for longer with my band on, and so could my personal trainer and my friend!!! Thank you!! -  Laura Carmichael 14.6.12


"Thanks again for the bands amazing what they can do, will help us out in ghana when we leave on thursday! " Conor Alden 13.6.12


Just a quick note to say thank you for your prompt, efficient and painless customer service. Cheers - Ronnie 11.6.12


"Just bought my bracelet 2day, lady on the stall was VERY helpful. Did the test & cldn't blieve it worked, was soooooo freaky lololol ♥" Linda Brae - 5.6.12


im a gymnast and it really helps its not fake :D Sophie Watters - 4.6.12

i was one of those who didnt believe this could work, now been wearing my band for about a week and theres defo been a difference! sleeping alot better & just feel better in general, also had bad back pain after havin my wee boy & can honestly say the pains not there 24/7 anymore and its not half as bad!! i believe it works now! ♥ Lisa McCarry - 31.5.12

These bands are the real deal, bad sleeping, loss of balance or power then drop in to silverburn for a demo with guys. You will be blowing away. As a professional golfer this has been a great investment for me with better sleeps feeling stronger and a greater all-round balance.  Graeme Stewart - Professional Golfer 30.5.12

The band is brilliant! Not had one migrane in the two weeks ive had it! The whole family have now purchased the bands. - Shannon Beck - 21.5.12

I was not a believer until today. My Wife had told me about the ION and when I was shown how it worked today she picked my chin off the ground! I bought two today;-) Bob Alexander 19.5.12

just bought 2 ion band for me and hubby as my friend was down from scotland and says it works i have told all my friends down hear to go on and get some many thanks fast delivery x - Michelle McFadden - England

iv had my body armour band a week now and already lost 5lb, i dont know how its working, it just is, im finding sticking to my diet easy just now. - Catriona Gower -

Chuffed to have won the Facebook 50 ion band...  Thanks again....will keep you updated on how I feel with the band is working for me if you want. I'm due in for some more surgery soon and hoping it will help me get my fitness back up to scratch again. So far I am sleeping better and my joints don't seem to ache as much. That may not sound like much, but considering I have been to ill to do any training since before Xmas last year it is actually a big shift for me. Ruby Woo - 18.5.12

"love my band, never take it off. x" - Heidi Hildersley  (Pole Dancer) - 20.4.12

"hi there ive  been wearing my band for a week now i defo don't feel as tired. i suffer from joint pain and was in a car accident last november which i take alot of painkillers for but after wearing my band i don't have to take as much. great product :) "- Paula McLaughlin - 19.4.12

"I have better balance doing sports (Basketball) and also when in the gym.  I am able to press more weight over head and also feel more stable during leg workouts especially with one side exercises ie lunges & one legged squats.  I feel less fatigued during my workouts which results in more sets/reps.  I have now got a better quality of sleep,  I sleep right through the night and now feel like I have slept for days. - Thanks for amazing product."  Daniel Donnelly (Basketball Player Glasgow) - 18.4.12

"My husband brought home one of the ION Body Armour bands a few weeks ago, and I "stole it" to give it a try. I have a long term problem getting to sleep at night - or rather I used to. The first night I put on an Ion wristband I had no problem at all getting to sleep - and its been the same every night since then. Absolutely amazing the difference its made to me being able to get to sleep quickly. For anyone having sleep problems I would highly recommend you try Ion Body Armour." Inez Alves - 31.3.12

I Was Approached from the ION Body Armour team retail Outlet @ Sliverburn in a very well presented and professional manner with a pitch that had me stop and listen to what he had to say as having problems with my knees.   I thought the band and foot insoles would be a great thing to try and having used the ion band and insoles I noticed the difference in the first few days,  would just like to say a big thanks and wish you all the best with your company  - Mark Crawford - 30.3.12 - Professional Goalkeeper
Getting to sleep at night has never been a problem for me, but when I wake up early in the morning I find it very difficult to get back to sleep. Since wearing one of Kevin's bands, I have either slept right through the night without waking up - or on the couple of occasions that I have woken up early I have gone straight back to sleep. It's brilliant!" Alan Craig 30.3.12
I run a busy dog walking company and I'm often out for 5-6 hours a day. I have had sciatica for a few years and used to take up to 8 painkillers a day. I have been wearing my Ion band for over 6 weeks now and have noticed a dramatic improvement in my overall wellbeing. I haven't taken any painkillers, I sleep better and have more energy which makes a big difference to my working day. I forgot to put it back on one morning after a shower and felt the difference within a few hours, so it clearly works for me. 23.2.12 - Nicola Craig (Active Pets)
"Spoke to both my Dad and my Nana today. They both say they feel better in general and sleeping a whole let better than they were" - Bev Hay 17.3.12
"I've been wearing the band for a full week. I've never taken it off and barely notice it now. Has it made a difference? I know I'm sleeping better and even though my job is just as stressful I don't feel so stressed but calmer some how. I would normally have to set my alarm to wake in the morning at the weekend but I'm waking naturally at least an hour before it goes off. I'd recommend this to anyone including the sceptics!" -  Bev Hay 10.3.12
I purchased one of the ion bands from ION Body Armour Silverburn, and like most people in this country was sceptical. Kevin was very knowledgable, passionate about the product and came across very genuine. I suffer from fibromyalgia which is a chronic condition that causes pain in your muscles and ligaments, fatigue and insomnia amongst other things.  As soon as i put the band on i had tremendous pins and needles in my hands and pains down my legs (was really weird), i also felt a bit dizzy and  sick later on and was really thirsty.
However that all passed and that night i slept the whole night and have had more
energy and an improvement in pain, i'm not cured but have no doubt that my condition has improved sinse using the band , i was so impressed i bought another one.  My sister on seeing my improvement purchased one as she suffers from depression and doesn't sleep , she can't beleive how it has helped her as she is now sleeping every night.
I would have no hesitation in in reccommending them to anyone and the people at the Retail Outlet are very helpfull. 

Satisfied customer, J Bryce 7.3.12


"I did not have a health problem, but I did have a problem with my balance and a problem sleeping, The Ion Body Armour has certainley helped with both of these issues that I was having and have made a huge difference, I can only speak as I find and I cannot praise Ion Body Armour band any higher its fantastic, Thank you". - Sara McCuaig 7.3.12


Well was very skeptical about the band but after a demo at today's wedding fair in the Lynnhurst Hotel I purchased 2, my fiancee works shifts and has difficulty sleeping sometimes, also has a bad injury on her knee.. well 30mins after leaving she noticed a difference not as much pain she even managed to get to sleep a lot easier, Defo recommend buying 1 !! Arron Sinclair 26.2.12

"I bought my band after a brief demonstration from one of the ION Body Armour Team on Friday 10th Feb after suffering months of pain with tennis elbow and trying every possible cure under the sun. I put the band on in Silverburn and noticed an improvement even before I got back to my car. I am 55 and a keen golfer and have now played the last two weekends without any pain. I have no idea how it works but it works."   - Jim Boyd,  Glasgow

"I bought my band last Friday after a demonstration from the guys in Silverburn. It has worked wonders for me in every aspect. In fact I would go as far to say, mentally and physically feel like a new person. Instead of doctors prescribing medicine, they should send patients to ION BODY ARMOUR. I cannot stress highly enough how much this band has changed my life in under a week. I took my 86 year old father, 70 year old mother and 65 year old aunt to get one who all have more spring in their steps now. What a delight to see. I also got my sister (Diane McKeown) a band and as you can see from her story has had a remarkable response to her band. I will continue to recommend this product to all family and friends as I would like everyone to feel as good as I do. Best thing I ever did was stop and speak to Kevin in Silverburn! "   -Tracey Ormsby

"My dad who is 86 years old bought 4 bands two days ago and I must say he is a great believer in all things healthy lol I have been wearing one of them the last two days and I did feel negative about wearing it but it has changed me!!!! I suffer from sleep problems and Fybromyalgia and feel amazing. It has not cured me but I really do have less pain and I'm sleeping better. Highly recommend this product ♥"         -       Diane McKeown, Glasgow

"I had achilles tendon surgery 10 weeks ago and had been feeling really down and was struggling to focus on my training and rehabilitation.  Since putting on my Ion Body Armour band, my focus has really improved and I'm now training as hard as ever in the pool and on the bike, with a real belief that I'll get back to the level of running I was at pre injury." - Toni McIntosh, Distance Runner


"My husband and I were at the cinema tonight and usually my knees get really sore when I'm sitting in the same position for so long, but not tonight thank you ion body armour". - Christine Burgoyne - 28.1.12


"I just lovee my ion band! Had 2 on last ngt and had the best sleep everrrr ♥"  - Maxine O'Donnell

"just to say the wristband is really works.helps me sleep at night.thanks" - Mary McDonald

"Hi there my husband bought a band and he has felt a huge difference sleeping and also his back ache isn't as bad, now I suffer from joint problems so think I would benefit from the band, but I recently got a pacemaker fitted and so im wondering if I could wear the band? Any advice would be helpful" - Tracy Woods Austin 3.1.12


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Ion Body Armour Bracelet

Ion Body Armour Bracelet

Benefits may include: Increased Energy,Focus and balance.

Promotion of Restful Sleep

Enhanced Flexibility

Improve strength and Stamina

Overall feeling of Good Health and Wellbeing.

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